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Proprietary blend • Patented ingredient
KETO//KREME, derived from the heart of the coconut, is one of the healthiest natural fats known to the world. Our bodies convert fat into energy quickly giving you a powerful mental boost–we call it brain fuel.



OTG: These single serving packets are easy to carry with you and drink anywhere.

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turn coffee into brain+body fuel in 15 seconds.

You won’t believe how simple this is.

NO GIMMICKS, NO Fuss, and definitely NO butter. there is a better way

did you say get fat?

Yes! The secret is out.
Healthy fats are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle.
With a few of the right ingredients,
you can switch your body from being a slow, inefficient sugar burner to a lean, mean,
fat burning machine.

  • Fast and sustained energy
  • Better focus
  • Minimised food cravings
  • Increased ketone production

Clue: eating healthy fats like those found in coconuts could improve your health, body and mind.



It can be hard to find fast, healthy fats to fit into your busy schedule. You may have heard of people putting sticks of butter and coconut oil in their morning brew, but it takes too long, and is hard to do on the go.


CLUE: Coffee is the perfect delivery method, but it MUST be simple so that EVERYONE can


Our goal was clear

supercharge a humble cup of coffee in less than 30 seconds

This was no small task; however, after 2 years of scientific research, prototyping, and refining, we are pleased to share the solution with you, and now you can try it out for yourself.

Can we get a drumroll?


BUTTER BEtter coffee.

KETO//KREME, derived from the heart of the coconut, is one of the healthiest natural fats known to the world. Our bodies convert fat into energy quickly giving you a powerful mental boost–we call it brain fuel. Adding KETO//KREME to your daily routine is a simple way to promote a keto lifestyle, prevent food cravings, and install more ketones into your system


Watch how easy it is to make
(30 seconds)

Our proprietary formula benefits

Fast Energy

KETO//KREME uses the shortest MCT’s, easily converting into ketone energy which can be used by the brain, faster than other fats or oils.

Assists With Blood Glucose

After food consumption, KETO//KREME helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and minimizes blood glucose surges while optimizing blood sugar metabolism.

Balance Yeast In The Gut

Studies show that there are gut biome balancing effects of caprylic fatty acids.

Limit conversion of sugar to fat


Rapidly Metabolizes Into Ketones

Our formula provides instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from dietary sugars or carbohydrates. KETO//KREME also has potent anti-mi-crobial effects on the gut that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.

Quickly and Easily Absorbed

KETO//KREME is absorbed by the body, and not stored as fat.

Does Not Increase Cholesterol

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

the reSULTS are in

We knew there was a need, but did not expect this simple discovery to go so far and wide, so fast!
“I get great, sustained energy in the morning that lasts for hours, and it’s so simple to make it in a hurry. I carry a packet of KETO//KREME everywhere I go.” *
“As a stay-at-home Dad of 7, starting my day with energy and focus is super important. KETO//KREME has significantly changed my life.” *
“KETO//KREME gets me going in the morning and keeps me energized throughout the day. I get all my good fats in this way and it’s so delicious!” *

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Your individual results may differ from those shared in the video.

use + ingredients

Dissolve 1 packet in a cup of your favorite hot beverage, stir vigorously and enjoy. Less than 30 seconds, literally.


Therapeutic dose = 1 daily serving
Optimal performance = Use in conjunction with KETO//OS

Looking to boost your afternoon energy levels and focus?

Power up your fat with an additional serving of KETO//KREME. Each serving adds approximately 16 grams of healthy fat fuel to use for energy and keeping a keto lifestyle.

Try adding one of these to your hot beverage:

  • A pinch of organic vanilla bean
  • 1 teaspoon of organic cacao
  • A few drops of almond extract
  • A pinch of sea salt
  • A few drops of peppermint extract

Proprietary blend


coconut butter / kreme

Our coconut kreme powder is derived from coconuts and a proprietary process that was developed to mix easily and provide all the essentials fats and antioxidants the body needs. As a precursor to monolaurin, coconut butter is used to help with flu, chronic fatigue syndrome, and helps boost your immune system. KETO//KREME adds a rich, creamy taste to your morning cup of coffee or tea leaving you satiated, energized, and optimized.


CEYLON cinnamon (patented)

Our patented form of Ceylon cinnamon, considered “true” cinnamon, is a wonderfully unique addition to KETO//KREME. Studies have shown improved insulin sensitivity, reduced blood sugar levels, as well as a reduction in triglycerides, LDL, and total cholesterol levels. It is also a powerful antioxidant and has shown extraordinary anti-inflammatory effects. The KETO//KREME ceylon helps reduce calorie absorption and acts as a starch and carbohydrate blocker. It also helps limit the conversion of sugars into fat which supports weight management and appetite control.

What is the difference between KETO//KREME Ceylon cinnamon and other cinnamon extracts?

KETO//KREME has the only cinnamon extract that is clinically proven to:

  • Delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates
  • Effectively reduce post-meal glycemia instantaneously (Most other cinnamon extracts claim benefits on blood glucose tested after fasting, whereas our Ceylon cinnamon acts on blood sugar levels immediately following meal absorption.)


Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

MCTs are a form of dietary fats that are actually good for you! KETO//KREME is a proprietary blend of specific length MCTs (C8 and C10), which are designed for quick conversion into ketones. Prüvit’s KETO//KREME MCTs increase energy, are not stored as fat, and have been shown to increase thermogenesis (fat burning).


Ingredients: MCT Powder, Coconut Shortening Powder (C8, C10 and C12), Ceylon cinnamon and Stevia. Contains Milk Ingredients, Gluten Free.

CAUTION: As with any new supplement, consult with your physician before using. If you are using any prescription or over-the-counter medicines, are unaware of your current medical condition, have any pre-existing medical condition(s), have hypersensitivity to salt or have any risk of kidney stones, consult with your physician before using this product. Build up to a full serving slowly to avoid gastro-intestinal discomfort.

STORAGE: No refrigeration required. Keep at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

frequently asked questions

Supplementing with exogenous ketones allows you to experience ketosis – the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels, without having to follow such a restrictive ketogenic diet, or super low carb diet, which is often difficult for some people to adhere to. Optimize your human potential.

The wonderful thing about taking exogenous ketones via KETO//OS® is that you can experience the benefits of ketones without diet modification. Even those who don’t change a thing, will still experience the benefits. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilize. Follow the 8 steps in the N8tive OS-Zone to get you on the right track. www.pruvitnow.com/n8tive-zone


No we have a small amount of dairy around 3grams that we use to plate the MCT powder in our 2.1 Orange Dream version of KETO//OS®.

However, our 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and Max Maui Punch are both dairy free!

Although our KETO//OS® 2.1 Orange Dream version is not vegan….our 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and Max Maui Punch are vegan!

Caffeine Hydrous.

Yes, children can also take KETO//OS®, however the serving would have to be adjusted for the age/weight of the child.

BHB is found in nature in many foods including eggs and milk. Salts are acids and bases bound by ionic bonds. Salt is a chemistry term used to describe a specific type of chemical compound. Technically, they are defined as ionic compounds formed by the neutralization of an acid and a base. They consist of positively charged and negatively charged components, which typically dissociate in water or water-based solutions (such as blood). In lay terminology, we call table salt, which is actually sodium chloride (NaCl) “salt,” but it is just one of many chemical compounds which are defined as salts.

The “BHB salt” is simply a compound that consists of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. In the Keto OS product package, these individual components are being held together by ionic bonds; however, when you eat the product, it is absorbed into the blood where it dissociates into free Na+, K+, and BHB since it is a water-based solution. Thus, consuming the product directly and immediately puts ketones into your blood.

Ketones are naturally slightly acidic, so the combination of BHB with sodium acts as a bit of a buffer to this acidity. Ketones will also naturally act as a diuretic, so you lose salt, potassium calcium and magnesium, and it is generally encouraged to increase sodium intake with ketones. The addition of sodium to the product will replenish this salt loss.

There is a significant difference between KETO//OS® and raspberry ketones. The name for Raspberry ketones is quite misleading, as this is not a ketone supplement and is not related in any way to ketones, the ketogenic diet or nutritional ketosis. Raspberry ketones are natural substances that give raspberries their sweet scent and flavor, and to a lesser degree blackberries, cranberries and kiwis. The current raspberry ketone supplements on the market are generally synthetically made, as natural raspberry ketones are extremely expensive. They have been promoted as the next best thing on the weight loss market, however research does not support it for this use.

KETO//OS® is a natural, nutritional ketone supplement that gives your body the ketones it needs in order to enter into ketosis and achieve the benefits of ketones via supplementation.

ready to try it?

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